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CrucialTrak’s unique facial recognition technology presents the fastest, most advanced and convenient experience for every users. Facial Images are captured in most accurate 3D patterns from the widest angles of access paths.

  • Automated face tracking module captures face with a wide range of heights (heights range from 120cm to 220cm/3’11” to 7’2”)
  • Precisely captures only targeted image (Automatically eliminates other background face images)
  • Real-time facial identification under 0.001 second
  • Low light level counter-light support



Absolute touchless UX with capturing 30 micro-fingerprint images in every 1 sec, CrucialTrak’s unique fingerprint recognition system provides the most assured and fastest authentication environment.

  • Hygienic environment through touchless UX
  • Captures up to 4 different fingerprints at the same time
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Organic 3D recognition and fastest 30 shots/sec matching algorithm



World’s first auto-tracking mechanism with minimized user’s MTAE (Meantime Attempting Effort).

  • Auto Iris Tracking minimizes user’s effort
  • Large caliber Zoom Autofocus Control – Long-distance identification
  • Best image selection algorithm
  • Satisfies IEC-62471 Safety Standard
  • PWM radiation intensity control
  • Partial Iris doughnut recognition


Palm Vein

CrucialTrak’s Full Touchless palm vein recognition, simultaneously interlocked with fingerprint recognition, provides the fastest learning, most accurate, and highly comfortable identification experience, with the design built by Bio-Mechanism UX analysis.

  • Advanced matching algorithms ensure a high level of accuracy
  • Contactless user interface eliminates hygiene concerns
  • Less than 0.00001% false acceptance rate

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